October 13th International Skeptics Day

Is today International Skeptics Day or isn’t it? Well, it may or may not be because this day sort jumps all around the calendar. It falls on either January 13th, October 13th or the first Friday the 13th of the year. So the first thing we can be skeptical about is whether or not Skeptics Day is the day we are celebrating it on. If you doubt anything might be real or not, no matter what that thing is, you are a skeptic. Now some people are skeptical of skeptics. No doubt this is a day we need to be skeptical of. Or do we?

How to celebrate – Doubt everything. Make someone prove what they say. Make a list of things you are skeptical of.


November 3rd Cliche’ Day

Cliches are those saying we all know, and mostly hate to hear, but just can’t stop ourselves from saying. They are little bits of sayings that have been handed down over the years and do mean a lot, but we get so tired of hearing. Like, “If your friend jumped off a bridge…”. Obviously we would not jump too, or at least we probably wouldn’t jump too, so what’s the point in saying them? Well, we just have to… “Better Safe Than Sorry”, “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk” and “You Get What You Pay For” are all really, really common sayings we probably use way too much and when we don’t use them or say anything then we get, “Cat Got Your Tongue?”

How to celebrate – Find the source for your favorite cliche’. Make up a new cliche’. Count how many cliche’s you use a day.

August 21st National Senior Citizen Day

I wonder what it’s like to get old? Oh wait, I’m already there! Oh well… it’s not that different than when I was younger. Sure I can’t do as much and I certainly do not do things as fast, maybe I forget a little bit here and there but I’m still kicking and still have value!


That’s the thing about people as they get old, they don;t feel useful anymore. Nothing could be more wrong. If younger people would listen to the older people around them they might actually benefit from the wisdom, more often than not because they have already made the same mistake the younger person is about to commit. However, the old saying live and learn applies to nearly everyone.

images (6)

There really isn’t much we senior citizens can’t do better now than we did when we were younger… including those things we have leaned that we are not good at. Sometimes knowing what you don’t know is just as valuable as thinking you know everything!


Senior Citizens Day has actually been proclaimed by Congress too, so it’s official. Now, let’s try and guess together who created today. I won’t reveal it until the next paragraph so you can take a few seconds to think about it. Don’t scan ahead, try and guess. While you are thinking, what age do you consider somene a Senior? Most would say 65 but with the new medicines and life styles maybe it’s 70, or 75 or even 55. I think it’s all what’s in your mind.

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So, you are as old as you feel. Keep yourself young in body and thought and you may never actually be a Senior Citizen! Oh, and the answer is, Ronald Reagan… one of our oldest Presidents ever. It is Proclaimation 5847 and created August 19th, 1988 for August 21st.

How to celebrate – Never grow old. Realize your strengths, don’t exaggerate your weakness as you grow older. Enjoy life.

March 13th National Jewel Day

If you like rocks, or crystals, then this is your day! However, if you give, or receive, a jewel you may want to know what it stands for. (It’s like everything else in life, if we give something we have to have some secret meaning behind it.) The first on the list is…

download (7)

… the diamond.  The giving, or receiving, of diamonds expresses everlasting love. Guess that’s why we use it for marriage and engagements. Does that mean the bigger the diamond the more you love someone!?! No, it just means the richer you are.


Topaz stands for strength or intellect. Hence the smarter you are or stronger you are the more you need to wear topaz.

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If you like emeralds you’d better watch out. Wearing them, or giving them, means you are fertile. It also means rebirth and love. It may also mean you are in Oz.


The sapphire stands for purity and wisdom.

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And the ruby Means love, health and wisdom. (My personal favorite!)

So before you give, or accept a rock, stone, crystal or whatever… you really should know what it stands for. You may be telling someone something you didn’t really mean, or maybe it was just because you liked the color. Pretty.

How to celebrate – Check out all the jewels and see what they mean. Buy someone a jewel expressing yourself without saying a word. Start your own rock collection.