March 8th International (Working) Women’s Day

Today is an extension of Women’s Day first celebrated in February of 1908. The first Working Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 having been found by social and rights groups out of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It is sponsored by the United Nations though they had nothing to do with the founding of it. I believe women should be honored, working or not, for all they contribute to life! Working is relative because raising children and keeping a household in order is just as tough a job as any n the face of earth. But since so many, men and women, do not consider that a job, here’s to the women that work for a living! And yes, they should receive equal to, or greater than, what men receive.

How to celebrate – Celebrate women’s rights. Thank the working women in your life. Join the equal rights movement.

June 4th Old Maid Day

No, we aren’t talking about the card game here, we are talking about all the old maids of the world. In theory, old maids came out somewhere around 1946 after World War 2. So many men were returning from the war that if a gal didn’t find “Mr. Right” they were considered an old maid. It also applied to those women who had waited for their men to come home but never did. Today we think of it as a derogatory term for women but it wasn’t intended that way when it first came out. Of course we all know that women can do just fine without a man, or another woman, in their lives so maybe the only proper place for the term “Old Maid” is in the card game. Alas, another piece of history to be forgotten because we think we know better these days.

How to celebrate – Play a card game of Old Maid. Forget today exists, like most of history we can just pretend like it never was. Go back to bed and forget the day completely.

March 8th International (Working) Women’s Day

Today was created by the Women’s Socialist Movement on March, 19th, 1911. It started in the late 1800’s as women all across the globe fought for their right to work and to be recognized for their work in the world. It has been recognized by, and is now, promoted by the United Nations. Yes, women are due credit for what they have accomplished and created in a world that for a very, very long time tried to bury their efforts and struggles.

How to celebrate – List the accomplishments women have added to our society. Name as many famous women as you can. Give credit to who deserves credit.

February 1st Spunky Old Broads Day

The motto for the day is, “Women are like fine wines, they both get better with age.” Dr. Gayle Carson created today back in 2002. Not only did it have it’s own day created but February is S.O.B. (Spunky Old Broads) month. It even has an S.O.B. of the year of which the likes of Cloris Leachman and Dolly Parton have won. Do you know an S.O.B.? They are all over the place, fun to be with and you never know what they might do next!

How to celebrate – Do you have an S.O.B. in your life? If not, find one! Don’t just get old, fight back! How many S.O.B.’s can you name?

September 16th Wife Appreciation Day

Today we celebrate our wives for who they are and what they bring to our lives. It was designed to replace Mother’s Day for those marriages that do not have children. (Or at least little ones) To me a mother and a wife are, in a way, two different people and we men need to celebrate our wives for being a wife as well.


When we are young a wife is there to support us  and grow with us. They are the apple of our eye and we desperately want to be their hero. The thing is, they are more our heroine than we will ever be their hero. They do not marry us (Normally) because we are sexy, rich or will make all their dreams come true. (Of course there are exceptions)

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By the time we reach our middle ages men realize they can no longer be that knight in shining armor but we still want to be. We certainly are as sexy and we often have forgotten what their dreams are. But they are still there making our dreams come true and they have shared or victories and defeats.


By the time we get older we begin to gripe about all that we could have done, or could have been and yet they are still beside us. Still routing us on even when we have no place left to go. Whether a woman has had an actual child to raise or not she has still remained a wife and raised a child… her husband.


So the old adage proves true, happy wife, happy life. Marriage is much more than having a child, in many ways a=it’s all about remaining a child and growing together… for better or for worse.

How to celebrate – Thank your wife for being your wife today. Fix dinner for your wife, or if you cook like me… take them out to dinner. Remember all the things your wife means to you, even when it sometimes seems impossible to do.

May 26th National Sally Ride Day

Though many of us think of ourselves as Space Cadets, we will never make it into space. Dr. Sally Ride did. She was the Mission Specialist on STS-7 June 18th, 1983. She proved once and for all that a woman could do anything a man could do.


The funny thing about it is, she probably didn’t even think twice about being a woman verses a man. Maybe she did, I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Unlike many women, or men, who try to prove they can do anything the other sex can do she had a reason, a job to do and she did it.

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Born May 26th, 1951… she spent a great deal of her life preparing herself for the position she finally achieved. She got the education, stayed physically fit and qualified herself for the position she eventually got. She did not get it simply because she was a woman.


I have always believed a woman can do whatever a man can do. I honestly do not know a single person who does not believe that. Well, maybe one. The world needs more people like Sally Ride so that the separation between men and women can be minimized.

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So go on and celebrate National Sally Ride Day for whatever reason you want but remember, it was a position earned. She is a true American hero.

How to celebrate – Read about Sally Rides life. Find out the other women who have made it into the astronaut program. Study the women who have made history.

June 4th National Old Maids Day

We all know what an old maid is, though I suppose it is not politically anymore it has stayed with us since it first came into use. in the old days, back even before I was born, women were generally married by the age of sixteen, sometimes even younger. Of course the average life span back then was only 30 so at 16 they had already lived half of their life!


The actual term though came right after World War 2 ended in 1946. Many soldiers were still stationed in Europe and some women had been waiting four years for their loved ones to come home. Since they were past the age they would normally have married at, they were considered old maids.


Now don’t blame me for the term, or the day, I had nothing to do with either. In fact many women had learned skills that no longer required them to have a man in their lives to survive.  They might still have been considered an old maid but they really didn’t care.

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In fact, they even made a card game out of it where the object is not to get stuck with the old maid. Perhaps today it would be better to say whoever ends up with the old maid card is the winner!

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I know whenever I think of an old maid, I think of a well rounded, educated and playful woman who, though perhaps aged like a fine wine, just keeps getting better and better. (Did I get that right?)

How to celebrate – Think of all the “Old Maids” you have ever heard of in history. (I’ll bet every one of them is famous!) Play a game of Old Maid with your kids! (Who ever ends up with the old maid card wins!) Start a petition to change the term to “well seasoned woman”.