August 5th Work Like A Dog Day

Today is for all you work-a-holics out there, those people who work like a dog not because you have to, but because that’s what you enjoy doing! Yes, boss’ can be demanding and ask more of you than what you want to give. Normally this is because a project falls behind time or something similar but that’s not truly one who works like a dog. The one who works like a dog is either trying very hard to get recognized, get ahead or just because that’s what they chose to do. So if you are such a person, today is your day to celebrate. I doubt you’ll slow down because of it but you can still celebrate in your own way.

How to celebrate – Work like a dog today. You have to watch a dog to actually come to an understanding of what work like a dog means. Get ‘er done!


April 3rd Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day

Wow, don’t we all wish our work was fun!?! A lot of us work at jobs we don’t really like doing but it pays the bills so we keep on doing it. The idea of not going to work unless it is fun is an interesting concept few of us can afford. Some days are better than others, and even at jobs we hate, there can be rewards we enjoy. And maybe some of that has to do with us ourselves. We generally make something bad, worse by adding our attitude to it. Even if you can’t make work a fun place you probably can make it less horrible.

How to celebrate – Make work fun. Go to work with a great attitude. Throw a party at work.

October 13th Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

Here’s an interesting day depending on the type of work you do. I suppose if you are a soldier or a firefighter, it might not be easy to take your teddy bear with you to work but if you are creative enough, you might find a way. Today always falls on the second Wednesday in October which today happens to be 13th and my sister, Michelle’s, birthday. Happy Birthday Michelle! Anyway, I imagine your teddy bear would like to get out of the house for the day seeing as they probably aren’t getting out as much as they use to.

How to celebrate – Take your teddy bear to work with you today. If you no longer have a teddy bear buy a new one! See if you can find an old picture of you with your teddy bear.

August 5th Work Like A Dog Day

Today is for all those people who work like a dog at their jobs. That is actually a compliment since dogs that do work, are constantly working, they don;t know anything else. The down side of it is that people who work like those dogs often miss out on a lot of life, but if they are happy… what does it matter? We all work hard at jobs we love, if you are lucky enough to find one of those jobs it’s not exactly work you are doing as it is a passion you are living. So if you do work liked a dog because you love your work, good for you!

How to celebrate – Do what you love to do for work. Enjoy your life. Get a work dog.

March 8th International (Working) Women’s Day

Today was created by the Women’s Socialist Movement on March, 19th, 1911. It started in the late 1800’s as women all across the globe fought for their right to work and to be recognized for their work in the world. It has been recognized by, and is now, promoted by the United Nations. Yes, women are due credit for what they have accomplished and created in a world that for a very, very long time tried to bury their efforts and struggles.

How to celebrate – List the accomplishments women have added to our society. Name as many famous women as you can. Give credit to who deserves credit.

January 27th National Punch Clock Day

January 27th National Punch the Clock Day

The time clock was invented by Willard Bundy in 1888 in Auburn, New York as a way to better keep track of his employees work schedule. At the time (Pun intended) it seemed like a great idea. Employees punch into the clock when they arrived, punched out for lunch and such and then back in when going back to work. Finally they would punch out when they left for the day. In theory this worked out great, until it was figured out that those employees had to remember all the steps to make it work. Since then, you don’t see a punch clock being used much anymore, which is probably a good thing.

How to celebrate – Read about the punch clock days. If you still have a punch clock at work, don’t forget to use it! Find a job where you are trusted.

January 27th Punch The Clock Day

Time clocks at worked are still used at work but not as much as they use to be. It use to be nearly every workplace had a time clock an employee had to punch into to when they came to work, went to lunch, got back from lunch and when they went home for the day. If the clock showed they came in a minute or two late, the employee was docked pay and rarely, if ever, if they stayed late were they paid more. N ow someplace still have time clocks, most don’t. I’ll leave it to you if that’s a good thing or not.

How to celebrate – If you don’t have to punch in through a time clock, be thankful. Use a time clock to time your kids doing their homework. Remember to set your alarm.

November 30th Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day

I am not sure this day really applies anymore. It’s another one of those really useful days created by the people at Wellcat but with the virus threatening us at every turn and many people working from home this days it seems sort of pointless. Yes, it use to be we would stay home from work when we were sick and the idea was to stay home when you could actually enjoy the home you have created. Now a lot of us stay at home way too much! So many choices, so few places to go! Perhaps today should be stay at home because you have to day!

How to celebrate – Take the day off from work. Go into work because you are well today. Love your home.

October 16th Bosses Day

We all have a boss in our lives, even if we don’t have a job! Well today is the day we celebrate them and give them their due. There may be times when you don’t like them all that much but then, you don’t have the same responsibilities that they have or the same goals they must attain. The higher you get on the work chain the more that is expected of you. Today was created by Patricia Bays Haroski who honored her boss at State Farm Insurance in Illinois in 1958. She registered it with the Chamber of Commerce making sure the day was recognized. Of course her boss was her father so it wasn’t all that difficult for her to show her affection for her boss.

How to celebrate – Honor your boss (Like them or not) . Try to understand the demands placed on your boss. Try to honestly see yourself as your boss sees you.

August 5th Work Like A Dog Day

Today can mean a lot of different things to different types of dog owners. There are breeds that work hard for their owners, others not so much. However, the general idea concerns working hard until getting a job done. And most dogs will do that, they will work hard to accomplish what they want to get done and then normally take a good long nap afterwards! That’s okay by me because I both love dogs and naps!

How to celebrate – Watch your dog work and then copy it. If you are going to do a job, do it well. Let your tongue hang out and pant after you’ve finished doing what you have to get done.