September 6th Read A Book Day

There are so many different types of books out there one hardly knows where to begin. Love, War, History, Adventure, Children… well, it goes on and on. It use to be that children loved to be read to, maybe they still do but parents often don’t have the time or are too tired to do so. That’s a shame because we need stories to be told so we can use the images in our heads to help us create our own stories before the art dies out. And it is an art, few are good at, many can take advantage of and everyone can learn from. So too is, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”, a short story book I wrote available on E-books. You probably get tired of me mentioning it so if like 2 or 3 million of you would by it, I would stop!

How to celebrate – Read a book, whoever wrote it. Try writing your own book, Determine who your favorite writer is.


November 8th Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day

November 8th Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day

Well, it’s time to ask that age old question is Shakespeare really who we have been taught he was or was he someone else? Not that it really matters today but it is kind of interesting. The only Shakespeare historians have found was a grain dealer from Stratford who would have had no real desire to write, nor probably the ability either. If he wasn’t the real Shakespeare maybe Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford was, or perhaps Mary Sidney or even Christopher Marlow, among others. They all had reasons for writing in secret so… who knows.

How to celebrate – Do your own research into who Shakespeare really was. Try to convince the world you were Shakespeare in a former life. Read Shakespeare’s plays.

August 9th Book Lovers Day

So when was the last time you read a book? You really don’t have to wait until Book Lovers Day to read one. Although, there seem to be a bunch of them over the year. Today seems to be the most recognized of them but they do seem to be all over the place. I personally think that’s a good thing!


Books can take you anyplace you feel like going for the day… or if you are me, maybe a month! I’m not that fast of a reader. These teach, educate and relax us. I love the ebooks but they just aren’t the same as holding a book in your hands, turning the page and makes you feel like you are accomplishing something.

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Now books have been around since the written word. They range a huge variety of subjects and are based on fact, fiction and fictional facts. Some have pretty pictures, some have some not so pretty pictures and show you a part of the world, or history, that you may not have visited before. Maybe they take you to someplace you’d like to go but can’t afford to or simply find impossible to get to, like someplace in the past or the future.

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They also lead to great discussions and thought processing, seeing some view you may not have considered or something you may not have even thought about. I have up to a half-dozen books I haven’t read yet laying around at any time. That inspires me to read on because there is a book I want to get to waiting.

How to celebrate – Start reading a book today. Write a book today. Suggest a favorite book to a loved one of friend.

September 6th National Read A Book Day

I am a book geek, yes I admit it. I love books. They are entertaining and educational and they are great for keeping papers still on your desk as well as a temporary fix for broken table legs. They don’t require electricity (Unless of course it’s dark out), they don’t require another person (Unless you are reading to them) and they can show us the world, both past and present.


Good writers can take us to places we’ve never been before, bad writers can take us to places we never want to go! (Good writers can take us there as well!) There are novels, poems, comic books, manuals, articles, short stories, the Bible, plays, scripts, even bubble gum wrappers to read.

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Kids need to read, adults should read. (Set an example for the kids) Adults reading to kids, kids reading to Seniors. Even dogs like to be read to. And if you have ever red a book that is hard to put down you can feel that sense of accomplishment by finishing a chapter before falling asleep at night.


There are millions of books on every subject you can imagine. They come in every language, even some we have not figured out yet! Even the pictures painted on cave walls tell a story that can be read. In fact, many picture books tell us where we came from and even maybe where we are going.


And now for a shameless plug on my book! (Or rather short story.) It can be read in less than an hour and I believe most would enjoy it. It is available only on e-books, Kindle, Amazon or your favorite e-book provider. It is a Christmas story, just right for the upcoming season and written for all ages. It’s 99 cents (Cheap by any means) and I hope you will give it a read. Thank you in advance.

How to celebrate – Read a book today! Write a book today. Use a book to stand on to reach that shelf you haven’t been able to reach.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

I love books! They are great for holding down loose papers on my desk, they make great doorstops and they help me sit up straighter when I am in a chair too low for the table I am at… oh, and they are pretty fun to read as well.

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Fiction, non-fiction, biographical, self-help, educational, picture, coloring… well they all have their purpose and can give us hours and hours of enjoyment. They are great for spending some quiet time, catching up on the latest trends, and studying areas of interest we can never learn enough about. They can take us to far away places, times long since past, and even allow ourselves to be transformed into a King or Queen or anyone we can imagine (or the author can imagine).


They help us relax, fall asleep, and get into a zone that betters our mood, improves ourselves, or makes us feel better about the world we live in (often by comparing it to a world we haven’t known). They give us insight into how others think, reassuring ourselves that there are people who feel the same as we do, and often they help us remember things we might otherwise have forgotten.


The written word is powerful, but only if someone reads it. Books are not always right, sometimes they challenge us to be better people, and show us things we may have missed along our life’s journey. They remind us of who we can still be, where we have been, and what we have in common with others when we think we are often alone. In other words, they are like an old friend who knows us, and loves us, and does whatever they can to help us realize our dreams.


They can make us laugh, cry, or consider things we have never considered before. They can make us examine who we are, what we are doing, and what happened to lead us to where we are. In short, every book has a life of it’s own that it is willing to share with us. Oh, and they help us reach that top shelf, fill up empty spaces, and show we have some class to our friends and neighbors.

How to celebrate – Open a book and read today. Start writing your own book (you might be better at it than you think). Learn something you didn’t already know by reading a book that challenges the limits you have placed on yourself.

November 1st National Author’s Day

Now that Halloween is over it’s time to get back to the more serious side of life. Today we celebrate National Author’s Day, a day we are supposed to write to our favorite author and tell them how much we like their work. Now writing is a lonely job, unless you write with someone else which most authors do not do.


The day was started by Nellie Verne Burt McPherson of Bement, Illinois who had read Irving Bacheller’s “Eben Holden’s Last Day Fishin.” For some reason she was laying in a hospital bed after World War 1 (I found no reason why) reading his book when she suddenly felt the urge to write him a letter and tell him how much she enjoyed it. He sent her back another autographed book and she in turn went to her Women’s Club and suggested they set up a day to honor authors. They did, and sent it on to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs who also accepted the day, November 1st 1928.


The U.S. Department of Commerce recognized the day in 1949. But other than Women’s Clubs the day seemed to go unnoticed by the rest of America. Finally in 1968, Sue Cole, brought the idea back up and it has been celebrated every November 1st since then.


It use to be that large publishing houses decided what books hit the market and what books didn’t. Today the large publishers hardly even exist anymore. If they do pick up a writer, they charge them back for every book printed that doesn’t sell. Most authors today would truly love to hear from you, particularly if you include a check with your letter. Most books, which come out in the millions every year, are self-published. Most never go anywhere because there is more expense to marketing the book than there is in printing it.

How to celebrate – Write to your favorite author. Better yet, buy their books. Check out all the new releases on Amazon, it will take you several days though to read through them.