March 16th National Panda Day

March 16th National Panda Day

Who doesn’t love a panda? It is probably one of the world’s most favorite, and gentle creatures. For quite sometime it was on the endangered species list as its natural habitat was disappearing. In 1961 the World Wildlife Fund/World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) made the panda it’s logo to bring awareness about of the plight of the panda. It is nice to know that the attempt to save the panda has worked, they are no longer on the endangered list, but they are considered vulnerable.

How to celebrate – Visit China. Buy some bamboo to feed to the pandas. See if your local zoo has any pandas.

October 4th World Animal Day

October 4th World Animal Day

Today has been placed on the Feast of St. Francis Day because St. Francis was an animal lover. It became official in 1931, first celebrated in Italy. I truly do love animals. Animals of all kinds. Having grown up on a farm I had the opportunity to interact with numerous different types of animals and found none of them judgmental, pretentious or superior. And if you gave them even a little bit of love you could have a friend for life. After-all, technically we humans are animals as well.

How to celebrate – Adopt a pet. Give to an animal protection organization. If you see an animal in need, stop and help them.

May 1st Save The Rhino Day

May 1st Save The Rhino Day

Did you know that Rhinos have been on earth for over a million years!?! In fact, they are considered to be living dinosaurs. Over time they have been hunted for their horns, made of the same material as your fingernails (so, if you have long nails you may want to watch out!).  Like so many of the earth’s animals they are not hunted for food but for items we could all easily do without.

How to celebrate – Visit rhinos in a zoo. Give to a charity trying to preserve the rhino. Visit Africa and see rhinos in the wild.

April 8th Zoo Lovers Day

Yes, I agree animals should be free to roam the earth as God placed them. But that doesn’t always work out so well.  Man and animal will always clash for territory and the outcome for animals does not bode well. Instead of killing them off, giving them a home where they can live out their lives in relative comfort, just seems like a lot better solution.


It is also a great way to learn about animals, how they live, what they eat and , just like people, each one has it’s own personality.  Additionally, an animal injured in the wild normally just falls prey to another animal. A zoo gives them the chance to heal and live. Since we are not going to reverse the way the world operates, we should concentrate on improving the future.

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One of the first zoos in America, if not the first, was formed by Grizzly Adams. (Yes there actually was a person named Grizzly Adams) His animals weren’t exotic by our standards today but most Easterners had never seen the animals he encountered daily.


Originally zoos were called a Menagerie because they had so many different animals from so many different places. Today they are often the last chance we will have to see a particular breed. I do not understand the point groups who oppose zoos  try to make when they kill one of the animals. Any one can kill, it takes knowledge and caring to help one survive.


How to celebrate – Go visit a local zoo today. Make a pledge to help support your local zoo. Volunteer to help at a local zoo.


January 20th Penguin Awareness Day

January 20th Penguin Awareness Day

One of the most favorite creatures in any zoo is the penguin.


There are somewhere between 18 and 20 different species, most living in the southern hemisphere. They are an aquatic, flightless bird covered in a layer of blubber that keeps them warm in even the coldest climates.


The smallest penguin is the little blue, living half of its life in the water and the other half on land, the largest is the Emperor Penguin.


They eat all sorts of sea life and can remain underwater for long periods of time as they search for food.


How to celebrate – Go visit a penguin in your local zoo. Watch Batman for one of his arch-enemies. Travel to the  Galapagos Islands. Or Australia and visit with a penguin.