September 4th National Leadership Day

Today we celebrate the those among us who are leadership. Most people fit into one of two categories, either leaders or followers. We have to have both, probably more followers than leaders because if everyone is leading nothing will ever get done. A good leader is not suppose to do something themselves, they are suppose to get others to want to do something that benefits everyone. It’s sort of like the General behind the army leading it into war but they are always safely behind those actually fighting. The idea is, that if that General falls, the entire army will be wiped out because they are no longer there to lead them. Generally speaking this is probably very true, but there are a few leaders we all might be better off if they failed before they even got started.

How to celebrate – Be a good leader, not one who leads people down a bad path. Learn what a good leader does. To be a good leader, you must first have been a good follower.


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