March 22nd As Young As You Feel Day

I know 20 year olds that are older than 70 year olds. No, seriously they are. They have no energy, everything they do is a major ordeal and they look forward to nothing. It does show that you are as old as you feel. If you thin you are old, you are, if all your interests are old, you are old, if you are always too tired to do anything… see a doctor. The problem is that if you feel old as a younger person what are you going to feel like when you do get old? So enjoy your youth, you can always get old when you are older!

How to celebrate – Stay young. Do young things to keep you young. Keep your thoughts young.


March 21st Tea For Two Day

We all know the song “Tea For Two”, we all know the Brits love their tea and since no one really likes to “tea” alone the idea of sharing that afternoon tea is more of less a tradition. Even little girls, or boys, who like yo have tea parties would prefer a really human sit across the table from them instead of the dolls. Ah the social graces so often forgotten these days. Visiting back to a time when spending a part of the afternoon in conversation over a cup of tea and perhaps a cookie or two. I think we could still learn something from that. Today was created by Holiday Insights in 2016 and put on the 3rd Tuesday of March.

How to celebrate – Throw a tea party. Make some fresh cookies. Invite a friend to share it.

March 20th Proposal Day

So if you plan on getting married, today is the day to propose to that person. Or you could make a proposal to congress or a proposal at work or make a proposal to a friend to do something or a… Well you get the idea. The point is, bringing up an idea, with some consequence to it, to someone, or a group of someones. Perhaps you could try proposing to several people on the same day provided you don’t get more than one acceptance! Anyway, get a group of friends together and everybody propose to each other! That could be fun.

How to celebrate – Save all your proposals for today. Make a list of things you can propose today. Propose to propose!

March 19th Poultry Day

Well, if you like chickens or turkeys you may want to turn away from today.. unless, of course, you like to eat them in which case, today is your day! There is no doubt that chicken and turkey is better for you than beef or pork, maybe not quite as good as fish but acceptably close. The fact is, humans are meat eaters, not that I like it, but they are. You don;t have to eat meat, you can stick to a vegetarian diet, or vegan diet, but generally speaking (Not everyone) you will look like death warmed over! So enjoy, or don’t, poultry day it’s your choice.

How to celebrate – Cows would prefer you eat chicken. Eat healthy. Become a vegetarian.

March 18th Awkward Moments Day

We all have them so why not celebrate them!?! Those awkward moments when you don;t exactly know why something happened but it did, it’s embarrassing and, oh well.. it happens! Those times when we don;t know exactly what to say, when to say something… if anything… and who to say it to. Instead of hiding away, you might as well enjoy them (As best you can) laugh at yourself and realize that everyone makes mistakes so you might as well make the best of them.

How to celebrate – Write down your awkward moments so you remember them. Watch for others to make their awkward moments. Live and let live.

March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

Ah the luck of the Irish… you know, they really haven’t been all that lucky over the years. Things got better once St, Patrick, not an Irishman, visited the Emerald Isle bringing Christianity to them and chasing away all the snakes. That was around 400 AD but the first St. Patrick’s Day parade did not happen until 1762 and it wasn’t in Ireland, it was in New York City! The Irish are truly good intended, hard working people. They, like nearly every other race of the world, have had their issues but today we celebrate what they have accomplished, become and brought to us all.

How to celebrate – Be proud to be Irish. Visit Ireland. Read about St. Patrick.

March 16th Freedom of Information Day

Get ready to mark your calendars and celebrate because March 16th is Freedom of Information Day! This special day not only honors the birthday of James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution” and chief author of the “Bill of Rights”, but also recognizes the importance of transparency in government.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, passed in 1966, citizens have the right to access government information in all areas except for a few exceptions such as national defense and criminal investigations. It’s a powerful tool for holding our government accountable and ensuring that they’re working for the benefit of the people they serve.

Of course, the idea of transparency in government is easier said than done. Many politicians talk the talk when it comes to open government, but few actually walk the walk. That’s why it’s up to us, the citizens, to learn our rights, stay informed, and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

So, how can you celebrate Freedom of Information Day? Start by educating yourself about your rights and the Freedom of Information Act. Take the time to read up on government policies and how they affect your life. And always, always fact-check what you hear from politicians and news sources. By doing these things, you’re doing your part to ensure that our government remains transparent and accountable to the people it serves.

So go ahead, celebrate Freedom of Information Day and let’s work together to keep our democracy strong and transparent!

March 15th Ides of March

Today, back during the Roman Empire, was the Roman New Year Day. It was also the day Julius Caesar had been warned of by his soothsayers as the day he would be killed and, as it turns out, he should have listened to them. It is the day that Roman Senator Marcus Brutus led over a dozen other Roman Senators in the assassination of Caesar to end his rule over Rome in 44 BC.

How to celebrate – Visit Rome. Read about what happened to Marcus Brutus. Beware of the Ides of March.

March 14th National Pi Day

It is fitting we should celebrate the number 3.14 on 3/14. Now, beyond the fact that 3.14 is a number that never ends, why is that important? well, I don;t think anyone can exactly say. It was discovered by Albert Einstein who must not have had anything terribly important to do that day since it really leads to nowhere, though a lot of science does often lead to more questions than it answers.Anyway, The U.S. House made a non-binding resolution concerning Pi… no one knows why, if it’s non-binding what does it mean? So finally Larry Shaw created Pi Day in 1989.

How to celebrate – Celebrate Albert Einstein. Try to figure out Pi. Try to figure out why Pi matters!

March 13th Jewel Day

There are somewhere around 200 types of jewels known to man, how many can you name? Me, not too many! I love jewels but have to admit that beyond the diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby I get a little lost. There are large numbers of people who tie up fortunes in jewels, most going up in value but some tumbling as well. It’s kind of odd if you think about it that people invest in something nature provides at no cost, placing so much value on them that they become valued sometimes well beyond any use. (Sort of like somebody who plays with a ball and thinks they are worth 40 million dollars a year) It’s all the value we place on something and I suppose it’s worth whatever you can get so long as there is a market.

How to celebrate – How many jewels can you name? Decide what your favorite gem is. Try to determine what amount of money you have tied up in jewels.