September 18th Octoberfest Begins in Germany

There are times you might wish to live in Germany. They say it is a beautiful country made even more beautiful during October Fest! The date commemorates the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese in 1810 and the dates today do vary, but it’s all about beer and food and the party! That’s a win-win-win! It begins in Munich, Germany quickly making it’s way through all of Germany. So break out your Lederhosen, Stein and Sausages and have a good time celebrating the upcoming, and by gone, marriage that helped unite Germany.

How to celebrate – Visit Germany. Learn how to make your own beer. Buy some Lederhosen.

September 18th National Big Whopper Liar Day

I caught a fish…… THIS BIGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Lying is one of the worst things one person can do to another, or even to themselves! We do it all the time, sometimes without meaning to or even thinking about it. We tend to offer up little white lies nearly every day. Like, “Do I look okay in this outfit?” and we answer “Sure!” when we really think they would look better wearing anything else. Or, “Do you like this perfume?” and we say “It’s really nice” when we want to say, “It’s really nice if you live in a barn!” But we don’t want to hurt our friends or loved ones so we lie.

If our noses grew like Pinocchio’s did when he lied we’d all have a portion of our anatomy arriving in a room a good fifteen minutes before the rest of us got there. But that’s not what today is all about. It’s a day to celebrate the big whopper lie. You know, like the ten thousand pound fish we caught one day but it got away when a fly snapped the line. Or maybe it’s like…

Well, maybe we could consider his lies white lies as well, after all he didn’t want to upset an entire country! I guess if Hillary let it go so should the rest of us. After all, we expect our political leaders to lie to us. We would be shocked if they didn’t! In fact, when was the last time you actually believed someone running for any office?

The Big Whopping Liar Day has been celebrated since 1988, founded by Aubry Robison Jr., if that was really their name, and is a part of the German Kunstfest in New Harmony, Indiana. It always falls on the third Saturday of September, which happens to be September 18th this year.

But there is one type of liar that we could probably not live without. Liars like Stephen King, who give us a world of fiction that we read, watch and can’t wait for the next time they will be lying to us. After all, most fiction writers start off with a lie (there is always some truth in every lie offered). Most books, movies, plays and even some artwork is based on lies. So maybe all big whopper lies aren’t bad after all.

How to celebrate – Mark down every lie you tell today, keep track and see how many you offer up. Keep track of every lie you think you hear today. Compare notes, see if you lie more, or are lied too more. Try writing a piece of fiction, you can lie all you want there!

September 17th Citizenship Day

To be a citizen of any country means holding both the benefits as well as the responsibilities of being a part of that country. Here in the US we hold these truths to be self evident on today, US Constitution Day. The day was created in 1952 by President Harry S. Truman and it was played around with over the years by Congress but wound back up on the day Truman set it because it falls on US Constitution Day. Good plan to start with, as most things seem to be until Congress gets a chance to mess with them.

How to celebrate – Take time to think about what being a citizen and the US Constitution means. Read the Constitution. Be proud of being an American.

September 16th American Legion Day

Right after World War 1 ended in 1919, the American Legion was formed to assist those soldiers returning home from war. The things they had seen, lived through and perhaps even had done themselves made the transition to peace a challenge. The Legion gave the men, and women, a place to go where they could relate to others, share experiences and return to normal with those suffering the same nightmares and horrors they has been through. Oddly, the American government did not recognize today until 2009. The American Legion has over 3 million members and 14,000 posts across the world.

How to celebrate – Support the American Legion. Thank any past or present soldier for their sacrifice. Realize that recovering from war, wounded or not, requires time.

September 16th International Grenache Day

Most people probably tend to think of France, California, and Italy when they think of wine, but Spain has some award winning wines as well. One of the more popular wines out of Spain is Grenache. Like a lot of wines Grenache gets its name from the type of grape used. Grenache grapes are red grapes that are thought to have originated in Spain, but now they can found in many parts of the world where the weather is conducive to growing them. They just need hot and dry conditions.

How to celebrate – Have a wine tasting party. Visit a vineyard. Learn how to make your own wine.

September 15th Felt Hat Day

In the mid 1900’s, 1930’s and 40’s as well as before, today became the day to traditionally put away all your other hats and grab your felt hats out of the closet because cooler weather was on the way. The day was observed by both men and women in an effort to keep their heads warm. Today we do not wear hats as much, probably because we have different ways of cooling our selves with air conditioning and riding in cars instead of on horseback. But if you do wear a hat, this reminder of the cooler days ahead should be observed!

How to celebrate – Start wearing hats so you can change to felt hats on September 15th. Wear a hat for protection from the sun. Check to see what fabric your hats are made from.

September 14th International Crab Fest Day

Did you know there are over 5,000 types of crabs and that they can live up to 100 years? That is, of course, if they do not become a dinner for someone first. Crabs are considered one of the sweetest meats of the sea and are always in demand. Some 1.5 million are consumed a year so it’s a good thing they lay 2,000 eggs at a time. With 10 limbs they are known as the spider of the sea. Today was created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights in 2018.

How to celebrate – Have some crab. Watch crabs in their natural habitat. Throw a sea food party.

September 13th Uncle Sam Day

We all know the image of Uncle Sam from war posters made for recruiting. For most he becomes the image of the government asking for volunteers to join a cause. Well apparently he was actually a man who delivered meat to the US troops out of Troy, NY in 1813. His name was Sam Wilson, he was born September 13th, 1776, and the barrels he delivered were marked US and a delight to men who were to get fed. The day was officially recognized in 1989.

How to celebrate – Look up all the different symbols that represent Americans. (There are quite a few) Read about the War of 1812. Design your own legend of an American.

September 13th National Peanut Day

National Peanut Day – September 13

Who doesn’t love a peanut!?! Well, I guess the people allergic to them don’t care much for them but they have been a staple of American diet over the years. The peanut is a major source of protein, and of course, it isn’t a nut… it’s a legume. So you are actually eating something from the pea family, not a nut. Hence the name Pea-nut! It is suggested that you enjoy the Jumbo Roasted Peanut, the Buffalo Peanut, Peanut Butter Cups, Blister Peanuts and Peanut Brittle for today.

How to celebrate – Read about George Washington Carver. Have some peanuts (if you aren’t allergic to them). Discover all the food dishes that contain peanuts.

September 12th Grandparents Day

Okay so there is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and in order to have mothers and fathers we have to have grandparents so we really should give them their own day. And hence, we do… today, September 12th as directed by Jimmy Carter in 1978. Now he didn’t really create the day but he liked it enough he thought he should make it official. And well he should. Grandparents are great sources of joy, wisdom cheap babysitters for all! Most of all, they are people too. They deserve our thanks and taking them to lunch or dinner is the least we can do. (Besides, they will probably pick up the check anyway!) Today always comes on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

How to celebrate – Do something special for your Grandparents or your children’s grandparents! Don’t abuse the love of your grandparents. Remember, your grandparents had grandparents as well and with any luck, you’ll be grandparents one day yourself.