July 29th Talk In A Elevator Day

What do you see in the picture above?  They are people standing in an elevator, but do you see anything more? Do they have anything in common beyond the fact that they are either going up or down?  They all seem to be smiling, probably because of the person taking the picture. They seem relaxed. They do not look like business people but they obviously aren’t tourists going to a hotel room… no luggage. Maybe they are going to a convention, but they look pretty commonly dressed for that. Some have sunglasses, some don’t.

The point is, you really can’t figure out what they are doing, or where they are going unless you are one of them. Even then, unless they are all going to the same place as you, you probably will never know anything about them, nor they you. What a shame. Maybe some one in that elevator is the love of your life! Maybe they could be your future best friend! Maybe they are some one you should watch out for and stay away from at all costs. But you will never know unless you speak up and start a conversation with them. Believe me though, it’s not easy to do. They are just as reserved as you are and even if you do speak up, they may not answer. So how do you get to know someone you just met by sharing an elevator with them?


Well I don’t suggest this! Breaking wind in a crowded elevator is not a way to make friends. You might get them laughing, or you might even make them sick (depending on what you had to eat). They will, however, remember you and perhaps avoid getting on an elevator with you again.


Or what if you are secretly a super hero and you see someone else dressed in your outfit?  Or worse, what if you are the one wearing the outfit? This could be awkward at best. So I don’t suggest dressing up as a super hero, or if you are a super hero, don’t ride in elevators (particularly since you shouldn’t need the elevator anyway!) Why would Spiderman need an elevator? Doesn’t he have those web thingys? He should be able to go up the side of the building not taking up the valuable space!


And what would you do if your elevator got stuck? Would you become friends with those inside or just freak out. I always suggest making friends with someone before freaking out in front of them. They will be much more understanding during all those moments when you really aren’t yourself.

Of the six people in the photo above maybe one of them is a model, another is a contestant on America’s Got Talent, maybe one is a hit man, or a black widow. Maybe one is a famous author or a person down on their luck that needs someone to talk to and help them change their lives around. Once again, the point is you just don’t know.

Well, it’s your choice. Next time you are in an elevator look around at the people you are sharing the ride with. Imagine them as on a bus with you or sharing a taxi. You might say something in those situations, why not in the elevator? Start up some kind of conversation. Maybe about the weather, or the building you are in. Maybe pay a compliment to someone in the elevator about the dress they are wearing or some cologne or perfume they have on. In most cases they will have something nice to say in return. It maybe be the start of a friendship, albeit short, that you wouldn’t have had before.

How to celebrate – Next time you get in an elevator try facing the other people in the elevator instead of the door. That way you can actually see who is there!  While facing them, try smiling and see if anyone smiles back. Pretend someone reminds you of someone you’ve known in the past, ask questions to see if they remember you. They won’t but at least you’ve got them talking! Wear something unusual, not absurd, that may get someone to ask what you are doing.

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