August 30th Toasted Marshmallow Day

What beats a toasted marshmallow on a warm summer evening? Well, if you are in Florida maybe anything since it is like 100 degrees outside, even at night!  However, I still enjoy a toasted marshmallow, although I do like them nearly burnt.

images (3)

It is possible, if you have a gas stove, to toast your marshmallow over the burner inside where it’s air conditioned.  It’s not all that safe and not quite the same but it works if you are desperate.


And of course you can add chocolate and graham crackers, but that’s making a s’more and we already covered that earlier this month.


And you can bake the marshmallow in the oven adding a brownie underneath it just because (Which was also a holiday day earlier this month.). This works out well if you are moving and don’t have the time to toast your own marshmallow, like I am so this posting will be brief!


Or if your even in more of a hurry you can drink your toasted marshmallow meaning you don’t need a fire, a stove or an oven.  You just go to your local coffee shop and nearly everyone of them has a toasted marshmallow drink. However, in closing, there is nothing like roasting that marshmallow over an open fire. Just don’t burn your neighbors house down doing it!

How to celebrate – Build a safe fire tonight and buy a bag of marshmallows and have some fun! Try a toasted marshmallow drink if you haven’t had one yet. Make up your own new recipe for a toasted marshmallow.  Maybe adding fruit… though getting that piece of fruit on a stick could be a good trick!

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