September 17th National Fox Day

The Fox gets a kinda bad rap. They are generally gentle animals but since they do eat meat, they will go after animal smaller than them, one of which is the chicken, making farmers very angry. They are also targets for any larger meat eater like coyotes, or wild boars, or even bears. The average fox is under ten pounds, and they are shy, running away from people if they are able to. In Canada there are four basic types of fox, the red, grey, swift, and Arctic. Properly listed, a fox is in the Procyon Wildlife family. They have a 2-month gestation with babies and generally have 5 pups at a time.

How to celebrate – See if you can find a fox in the wild. A fox does not make a good pet unless you raise it from birth. Research what types of foxes are found throughout the world.


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