July 26th Aunt and Uncle’s Day

When we generally think of our aunts and uncles it is with fond thoughts and fun in mind. After all they come from the same stock as our mother or father but don’t have the same discipline issues. So they are more fun, they are more interesting, and in many, many cases, they are a lot weirder!


Aunts are the sisters to our father or mother, most have normal lives like the rest of the family members, but some step away from the norm and live lives much different than we know. If they have children of their own they are more likely to react just as our parents do, but if they do not have children, they may have become airline flight attendants, princesses, mermaids at a theme park, or even political figures.


Whether they are “normal” or not, they are a part of the family and generally love their nieces and nephews, sometimes treating them like their own. They are fun because they don’t have to put up with us 24 hours a day and may have had the opportunities in life few others have.


Uncles, on the other hand, are generally strange. They don’t mean to be, but they are.  Naturally they can be normal people but we always wonder if they are some sort of international spy, a wealthy tycoon, or a deep sea diver.

images (3)

Whether they are spies or mermaids it doesn’t really matter. We are always happy to see them, want them around more, and wish them all the happiness in the world.

How to celebrate – Call your aunts or uncles, or both and wish them a happy Aunt and Uncle’s Day. See how many of your aunts and uncles you can remember (this includes all the cousins!) Relate a story to the rest of your family about the strangest aunt or uncle you have.


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