January 13th Blame Someone Else Day

I suggest that you spend the day studying political figures to get ready for today because they spend their entire lives blaming someone else for anything they do wrong and claim credit for most of what others did right. Today always falls on the first Friday the 13th of the year and while it’s meant as fun it’s a little all to real. It was supposedly created by Anne Moellar of Clio, Michigan back in 1982 who blamed everybody else for waking up late. Don’t you wish a few of those in politics would wake up late too! (If at all) Well, we elected them so we are the ones at fault. But then, I guess we can blame that on someone else as well.

How to celebrate – Celebrate your choices, you are the one who made them. Blame someone else for why everything in your life has gone wrong. (It certainly couldn’t be you) Run for political office so you can talk out of both sides of your mouth for the rest of your life!


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