January 14th Dress Up Your Pet Day

Here’s a day your pet looks forward to every year. Be thankful they normally don’t remember it! Take your cat, dog, horse, goldfish… whatever, and dress them up so that you can think of them as human. Pretend it is your pet’s Halloween, they just love it! I mean, as you are dressing them up just take a look at their faces and see just how much they thank you for making them to look so cute. Leave them in that outfit all day or better yet, change them into several outfits so they can suffer even more! Sometimes ya just got to wonder who invents these days… they apparently have very little else to do in their lives… so much so that they want to ruin their pets day as well.

How to celebrate – Go ahead and dress up your pet, at least you are paying attention to them. Ask your pet first what they would like to dress up as. (If they answer, seek help) Treat your pet like a friend… don’t make them do anything they don’t want to do.


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