February 12th National Lost Penny Day

Well I read about it and I am still not exactly sure what they mean by the lost penny. We are celebrating the first American penny ever released, designed by Benjamin Franklin back in 1787. So how did February 12th get picked to celebrate it on? Well, the penny was the first US coin to have the image of a US President engraved on it. That President was Abraham Lincoln and it was done of his birth day, February 12th, 100 years later in 1909. The day was created by Sioux Koopersmith in 1995 but you would have to ask her why it’s lost. Maybe it has something to do with searching for pennies you have lost and hoping you will find them on “heads” for good luck!

How to celebrate – Look for your lost penny. Start a coin collection, beginning with pennies. Go get your 2 cents worth.


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