March 30th National Take A Walk In The Park Day

Now that Spring is here and all the snow has melted away, at least in the south, it is time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! There is always something to see and something to do, even if that means doing nothing at all except enjoying nature.

images (1)

Everything is so green, so fresh, and so new you can stroll the grounds and see life anew. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, sun shining. Maybe not as colorful as fall but still delightful and clean.


Wild life comes out from its hibernation, babies are playful, and even the old grumpy creatures seem to be in a good mood. Everyone seems glad winter is over and bask in the warmth of the sun.


And nearly every park has some sort of playground for children to play, allowing their parents to relax while keeping a close eye on their offspring as they burn off some of that excess energy that spring always brings with it.


Yes, there’s something for everyone at a park, all you have to do is look for it, or maybe it will look for you. Either way, it’s no big deal.

How to celebrate – Take a picnic lunch to a park close to you and enjoy. Feed the birds and critters you find in the park, just make sure to keep your distance from them. Organize a clean-up crew and patrol a park keeping it clean for others.

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