February 23rd International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

This might not be the sort of day that we as human’s appreciate all that much but our dogs sure do. It’s International Dog Biscuit Day, mean it’s not just a day for American dogs, but dogs all over the world!

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There are so many types of biscuits that one could go dizzy just trying to figure out which one is best for their dog. The key here is, take your dog with you to the local pet store and let them pick it out for themselves. That is, unless you have already tasted the biscuits they prefer and know what they want.


There are biscuits that clean their teeth, help their hips, make their coat shiny, perk them up, calm them down and nearly everything you can think of. The key, however, is that the dog likes the biscuit they have been given. most of us use the biscuit as a reward system and it’s not much of a reward if they do not care for the biscuit in the first place.homemade-dog-treats

Of course you can make your own biscuits if you prefer. It takes time and a lot of effort but when you see the smile on their face it’s worth it, isn’t it!?! Well, no… not really when you consider you can also buy them something they like just as well with very little effort. That said, it is your choice. But keep in mind that is that 50 cent treat ends up costing you 10 dollars you may have made the wrong choice.


For those of us that love our dogs, there is nothing like rewarding them with their favorite treat after they have gone out of their way to do something good. Mt dog prefers whipped cream. Yes, I know it’s bad for her but she loves it anyway!

How to celebrate  – Take your dog shopping with you for biscuits. Find recipes to make your own biscuits. Take your dog to Starbucks for a puppy latte.


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