May 18th No Dirty Dishes Day

On the surface, this may seem like a very simple day to comply with but not to dirty a single dish all day long requires some planning. Now you could eat all your meals out today and while you are making dishes dirty at least they aren’t yours. Or you can use paper plates and plastic forks and spoons so you can throw them away after using but then if you want a hot meal you may have to use a pot or pan and that is considered a dish. So that means you may have to prepare meals ahead of time to microwave so you can have some hot food. They can be saved on paper or plastic plates but since you will be preparing the meals ahead of time you will double the dish load from the day before today. Oh, what a complicated world we live in!

How to celebrate – Go on a diet just for today. Eat only things you find in nature. (Nuts, plants (raw), insects.) Sleep through the day and go normal tomorrow.


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