May 30th National Water A Flower Day

Yesterday we talked about compost, today we are talking about watering plants. Get a theme here!?! But the name of the day is a singular item so do you have a favorite flower? If you do, it is the day to show your favoritism and water just that flower.

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Of course it’s generally a little difficult to water just one flower, they generally come in bunches. Also, do flowers have feelings? Try just petting one of your dogs or giving treats to just one of your cats and then look at the faces of the others. Trust me, you won’t feel good about it.

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Naturally, you don’t really need to worry about  their feelings if your plant isn’t real. So go ahead and water it but it won’t do you any good, it could even cause you more troubles. That’s the good thing about fake plants, they need no water, no compost and don’t have feelings. Or do they? How do we know those items created by someone that we thought enough of to buy, steal or obtain in some manner don’t have feelings?

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Okay, so maybe that’s taking things a little too far. But still, wouldn’t just be better to go ahead and water all your flowers? Maybe even water your neighbors flowers. Take care though, if you are like me you will probably over water your plants and kill them that way!


So just hope it rains and you don’t have to worry about it. But do you secretly have a favorite flower that you keep quiet about. Take a picture of it, the rest of the flowers will think you are taking a picture of all of them so they won’t know the difference.

How to celebrate – Determine which of your flowers is you favorite. Plant some flowers if you don’t have any. Watering does not include urinating on it!