March 12th Plant A Flower Day

Winter is finally over; it was beautiful while it was here but it’s time to add some color back into our lives and perhaps the best way to do that is to plant some flowers. What a wonderful way to add that color and to make the world smell nice again after the bleakness of winter. It sort of makes you feel alive again, seeing things grow around you, blossom and bloom.

How to celebrate – Plant your favorite flowers. Plant an entire flower garden. Take pictures of the flowers’ progress as they grow.


February 28th Floral Design Day

Floral design has been with us for quite some time, some by design, some by nature and some by mistake. It does bring color into what might otherwise be a drab existence although sometimes it can be drab in it’s own right, examine camoflauge uniforms as they are made up of a floral design! The day was created by Mass, governor William F. Weld in 1995 in honor of Carl Rittner who opened the Rittner School of Floral Design.

How to celebrate – Check out all the different forms of floral designs. Check into the Rittner School in Boston. Enjoy your own floral designs.

June 12th Red Rose Day

Want to tell someone you love them? Probably the best way, without actually saying it, is by sending them red roses. Beyond that, they look beautiful in gardens or bushes lined up against a house and smell wonderful as well. There are numerous colors for numerous sentiments, and even different arrangements using fully flowered roses or rose buds meaning different things as well. There are poems about roses, songs about roses and even pictures of roses but nothing beats the real thing.

How to celebrate – Plant a rose bush. Send someone you love roses. Learn about all the different colors of roses and what they mean.

May 1st May Day

It is appropriate that we celebrate May Day, the first day of May! It is a celebration of Spring and all the good things in life as the world becomes green again, fills with flowers and brings us out of a cold, dark winter. It is also Labor Day in all but three countries of the world, (Or I should say 140 countries of the world) that is unless it falls on a weekend day which the holiday is then pushed to the next Monday. So maybe it’s May Day, and maybe it’s not! Oh, and those three countries that celebrate Labor Day separately have all placed their Labor Days in September and they are the US, Canada and Bermuda.

How to celebrate – Welcome Spring. Break out the summer clothes and put away the winter ones. Celebrate Labor Day if you live in one of those countries that celebrate it the first of May.

March 28th Weed Appreciation Day

We spend most of our time trying to get rid of the weeds that fill our yards, gardens and even the cracks in a sidewalk. The fact is that some weeds are edible, can provide some medicinal elements and herbal benefits. In fact, a plant growing in the crack of a sidewalk is consider a weed even if it is a regular plant we want in our garden. Weeds can also be damaging to other plants cutting them off from the elements they require to grow.

How to celebrate – Learn what weeds you can eat and make a salad out of them. Plant a weed only garden. Learn how to determine what is a weed and what isn’t.

March 12th Plant A Flower Day

With winter on it’s way out and spring on the way in, it’s time to think about planting things that make our lives more beautiful and rewarding. Since the general act of growing most flowers is relatively simple it is a great way to brighten up our yards and put a smile on someone’s face. That’s not to say it doesn’t require some care and effort, planting anything takes at least a little care, watering and weeding. But with just a little effort on our part, we can add to the beauty of life and make the world a better place to live.

How to celebrate – Plant some flowers today. Make sure the ground isn’t frozen. Tend your garden.

FEBRUARY 28th Floral Design Day

No doubt that flowers enhance our world with their array of colors and styles. And as if we can’t find them enough in the wild isn’t it great that they appear on clothing, sheets, furniture, nearly everything that a floral print can be put on it has been put on. I mean, yes they are pretty but there is a point! You can thank Carl Rittner for today, and basically for the print as well, as he made floral design a part of the multi-billion-dollar industry it is. Oh, today and today is his birthday.

How to celebrate – Buy something with a floral design on it. Create your own floral design. Shop Carl Rittner’s.

August 21 National Honey Bee Awareness Day

Bees are certainly interesting creatures. They fly over 55,000 miles and collect pollen from some 2,000 flowers to create one pound of honey. They make the honey for their own food source in the colder months but we, as people, keep taking it from them! Today is always celebrated on the third Saturday of August as designed by the Secretary of State (US) Thomas J. Vilsek in 2009. It is sponsored by Pennsylvania Agriculture.

How to celebrate – Start your own hive business. Have some honey. Plant a garden have a shorter way to go to get back to the hive.

June 12th Red Rose Day

Red Roses say love. Remember that old song, “I’ve got some red roses for a blue lady”? Well, roses are designed to make someone happy, they are beautiful to look at and smell pretty too (although an increasing number of people seem to be allergic to them). But like anything concerning love, it does have its thorns as well. Also, make sure when sending roses to someone that you send the right color… red ones might get you into trouble! Roses mean even more when they come from bushes you have planted and cared for yourself!

How to celebrate – Plant some roses… if you intend to use them today you had better have done this several months ago! Study the different colors of roses to get your sentiments across the right way. Buy some fake roses with a rose scented candle.

May 30th Water A Flower Day

Hopefully April brought you those showers that brought your May flowers but now it’s up to you to make sure your flowers get watered! Everything in nature requires water to live, your flowers are no exception. (Even a cactus needs some water) You can set up a sprinkler to come on every day by timer or you can go out with a watering can and water them yourself, which may be good for you and better for your flowers! Watering your plants actually allows you time to spend with them and, at least in some cases, your flowers to spend time with you. It’s a good mix.

How to celebrate – Water your plants. If you don’t have any flowers, water your neighbors plants. Talk to your flowers as you water them, for some unknown reason it seems to help them.